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The People at BASP

This is a list of the researchers, students and supportive staff working in the BASP center.

Senior scientific staff



Phone Email
Kenn Gerdes


+4535330219 Email
Anders Løbner-Olesen Professor +4535322068 Email
Hanne Ingmer Professor +4522159518 Email
Michael Askvad Sørensen Associate Professor +4535323711 Email
Sine Lo Svenningsen Associate Professor +4535322033 Email
Steen Pedersen Associate Professor +4535322096 Email
Namiko Mitarai Associate Professor +4535325402 Email
Ditlev Brodersen Associate Professor +4521669001 Email
Xu Peng

Associate Professor

+4535322018 Email

Post Docs

Name Titel Phone Email
Farshid Jalalvand Post Doc


Godefroid Charbon Post Doc Email
Kristoffer Skovbo Winther Post Doc +4535336986 Email
Leise Riber Post Doc  +4535330290 Email
Martin Bojer Post Doc +4535332053 Email
Mohammad Roghanian Post Doc Email
Ragnhild Bager Jørgensen Post Doc +4535336337 Email
Szabolcs Semsey Post Doc +4524942613 Email
Alexander Harms Post Doc +4535328025 Email
Kirtimaan Syal Post Doc +4535328090 Email
Meriem Senissar Post Doc Email
Bertil Gummesson Post Doc +4535331167 Email
Yong Zhang Post Doc +4535333278 Email
Ying Wang Post Doc +4535333742 Email

PhD students

Name Titel Phone Email
Georgia Hann PhD student Email
Kathryn Turnbull PhD student Email

Thomas Stenum

PhD student Email

Emilie Søndberg

PhD student (3+5) Email

Stine Vang Nielsen

PhD student (3+5) Email

Cinzia Fino

PhD student Email

Thomas Prossliner

PhD student Email

Yuvaraj Bhoobalan

PhD student +4535322011 Email

Mikkel S. Svenningsen

PhD student Email

Cemre Manav

PhD student Email

Technical and Administrative Staff

Name Titel Phone Email
Sidsel Henriksen Lab Manager


Solveig Walløe Harpøth Centre Administrator +4535333680 Email