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Meetings 2018/2019

The BASP centre arranges regular meetings every second Friday at 1 PM in meeting room 1.2.03 at the Biocentre. The scientific staff from the different groups in the centre present the progress in their research followed by a discussion.


Speaker 1

Speaker 2

16 November

Stine Vang Nielsen (KG)

Cemre Manev (DEB)

30 November

Leise Riber (ALO)

René Bærentsen (DEB)

11 January

Leendert Hamoen (Uni. of A'dam)

Mikkel Svenningsen (NM)

25 January

Janine Bowring (HI)

Thomas Prossliner (KG)

8 February

Cinzia Fino (KG)

Martin Vestergaard (HI)

22 February

Jakob Frimodt-Møller (ALO)

Anurag Sinha (KG)

8 March

Gro Faber Goth (SLS/MAS)

Martin Bojer (HI)

22 March

Kristoffer Winther (SLS/MAS)

Ragnhild Bager (DEB)

5 April

Yusuke Himeoka (NM)

Ying Wang (HI)

3 May

Nina M. Hoeyland-Kroghsbo (HI)

Yong Zhang (KG)

24 May*

Godefroid Charbon (ALO)

Luís Carvalho (SLS/MAS)

14 June

Marta Escudero (SLS/MAS)

Liping Li (HI)

28 June

Thias Boesen (ALO)

Bertil Gummesson (SLS/MAS)

*) Alternating Friday due to Bededag and Kristi himmelfartsdag

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