The people at BASP – University of Copenhagen

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The People at BASP

This is a list of the researchers, students and supportive staff working in the BASP center.

Senior scientific staff



Phone Email
Kenn Gerdes


+4535330219 Email
Anders Løbner-Olesen Professor +4535322068 Email
Hanne Ingmer Professor +4522159518 Email
Michael Askvad Sørensen Associate Professor +4535323711 Email
Sine Lo Svenningsen Associate Professor +4535322033 Email
Steen Pedersen Associate Professor +4535322096 Email
Namiko Mitarai Associate Professor +4535325402 Email
Ditlev Brodersen Associate Professor +4521669001 Email
Xu Peng

Associate Professor

+4535322018 Email

Post Docs

Name Titel Phone Email
Farshid Jalalvand Post Doc


Godefroid Charbon Post Doc Email
Kristoffer Skovbo Winther Post Doc +4535336986 Email
Leise Riber Post Doc  +4535330290 Email
Martin Bojer Post Doc +4535332053 Email
Mohammad Roghanian Post Doc Email
Patricia Dominguez Cuevas Post Doc +4535337688 Email
Ragnhild Bager Jørgensen Post Doc +4535336337 Email
Szabolcs Semsey Post Doc +4524942613 Email
Alexander Harms Post Doc Email
Kirtimaan Syal Post Doc Email
Meriem Senissar Post Doc Email

PhD students

Name Titel Phone Email
Georgia Hann PhD student Email
Kathryn Turnbull PhD student Email

Thomas Stenum

PhD student Email

Emilie Søndberg

PhD student (3+5) Email

Stine Vang Nielsen

PhD student (3+5) Email

Yuvaraj Bhoobalan

PhD student +4535322011 Email

Mikkel S. Svenningsen

PhD student Email

Cemre Manav

PhD student Email

Technical and Administrative Staff

Name Titel Phone Email
Sidsel Henriksen Lab Manager


Solveig Walløe Harpøth Administrator +4535333680 Email